The simple solution for complicated digital needs. 

Have a crazy complex website to build on an even crazier timeline? Or a genius idea for an app that others have said “can’t be done”? Bring it on. Our diverse team of development experts, business strategists, and marketing pros love to make the impossible happen and are here to solve all of your digital business needs. 

  • consulting

    Strategic Consulting

    Our blend of technical expertise and agency experience means we speak code and creative. We understand the big idea and can turn it into reality.

  • Expert Development

    No project is too big—or even too small—for us to tackle. We have the experience, the coding chops, and the creativity to take it on . . . whatever it is.

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    Custom Software

    Websites and apps aren’t all we do. We also build custom to solve your business challenges, with a proven record of innovative and creative solutions.

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    Ongoing Support

     Whether it’s creating new features, guiding you through SEO, or keeping you updated on the latest digital trends, we're there every step of the way. 


The short version: everything digital.

Whether you just need a little extra development support or are looking for a full-service digital team to take over your client’s website from brainstorm to launch, we can help.

No one-size-fits-all solutions here.

Working with us means gaining access to a wider range of technical talent and expertise than you might get with an in-house development team. That means we can work with the platform and technology of your choosing, rather than retrofitting your project to fit the tech we happen to use. And if you’re not sure what you need? No problem. We can also help you figure out the best technology for your needs.


  • Web design & development
  • Custom web applications
  • IOS & Android development
  • Custom development
  • CMS management
  • Hosting management
  • Ongoing website support
  • Social media integration
  • API development / integration
  • Project management
  • SEO reporting and analytics
  • Information architecture & UX strategy
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Content development
  • Email campaigns
  • Compliance & Accessibility


  • Python
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL / MySQL
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Node
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Sass / LESS
  • Apache / Nginx
  • Linux


  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Squarespace
  • Shopify
  • Cordova / Ionic
  • Django / Mezzanine
  • Laravel
  • LAMP
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot 
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Great code requires great minds.

Formally known as a dynamic team of strategy, marketing, and development experts, more casually referred to as the digital dream team, our people just might be our most valuable asset. Smart, hardworking, communicative, and (very important) fun to work with, this is a team that you can trust with even your most complicated and high-profile projects.    

  • Team member Kat


    Founder and Owner
  • Biography

    Kat does . . . everything. Including touring the country with rock bands (more on that later). As Managing Partner, she has a hand in everything from strategic planning to organizing charitable initiatives, with 17 years of experience to draw on—not to mention expertise in advertising, event planning, and web development. Oh, and did we mention that she also helped found a non-profit? Behind this boundless energy is good old-fashioned love for the job: she’s passionate about INHOUSE and creating a development agency that’s just as much fun to work for as it is to work with. Nothing makes her happier than a happy client . . . which might be why our clients tend to stick around.

    When she’s not doing a million things at once without breaking a sweat, you might find her fantasizing about time travel or reminiscing about the aforementioned time she spent managing and touring with the band Strangefolk (Yes, this really happened—ask her about it next time you see her!).

    Kat was recently selected to the New Hampshire Union Leader's 40 Under 40 Class of 2016, a winnter of Catapult Seacoast and Seacoastonline.com's third annual 10 to Watch Young Professionals contest, and winner of Stay Work Play's Rising Star award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016

  • Team member Mark


    Technology Director
  • Biography

    Mark (who may or may not be Spock’s long-lost brother) joins us from across the space-time continuum to direct everything tech-related at INHOUSE. He’s the guy making sure your website is built beautifully and works perfectly, using the latest in technology, formidable leadership skills, and his own extensive experience in development to boldly lead our team where no development agency has gone before. He’s generally pretty easygoing, unless there’s a particularly tricky bit of code to crack—then he won’t rest until a solution is found, a trait valued by team members and clients alike.


    A perfect day for him consists of providing an elegant technical solution to a client’s business problem,
    followed by several hours floating on some manner of watercraft.

  • Team member Kristen


    User Experience Director
  • Biography

    Kristen has many talents, among them designing intuitive user interfaces, planning and implementing code . . . and baking a mean croissant, thanks to her stint as a fancy pastry chef. Today, rather than wielding dough, she wields code as our daring User Experience Director, making sure client goals and content intersect with user wants and needs on every project. She has a passion for puzzles and problem-solving, and she approaches every project—no matter how small—as unique, with its own delightfully tricky puzzles to be solved. She’s not afraid to get into the weeds with her team and can often be found coding the day away with glee.


    When she’s not doing that? You can probably find her leading family video game tournaments or scheming ways get more dogs in the office—she once dreamed of being a veterinarian and hasn’t quite let go of her dream of working in an office full of furry friends.

Our Work

Shining examples of digital problem solving.  

From local small businesses to serious financial institutions, we work with businesses of all kinds. Take a look at some of our most recent collaborations here—we might be biased, but we think they’re pretty great.

Isles of Shoals

The Challenge:

With a demanding seasonal schedule, Isles of Shoals Steamship Company needed a user interface that allowed their staff to be as productive as possible during their busy summer months. INHOUSE was presented with the challenge of organizing a calendar of boat tours, creating reservations, accepting payments, managing changes and cancelations, and displaying all of this content in a simple, easy to navigate website.

The Solution:

A completely custom CMS, and a user dashboard to allow fast, easy access to the functions IOSSC uses most. Tour schedules, descriptions, receipts, passenger lists, and more, all in one place in the backend, and on frontend, a beautiful website that puts the tour schedule front and center. Users can easily find the exact tour they want, reserve, and pay all in one spot. Staff members can access passenger lists for each tour, manage reservations, create new tours and adjust the calendar from one dashboard.

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Cambridge Savings Bank

The Challenge:

An outdated design with a UI that did not correspond with the analytics data. CSB needed a new design that catered to what information its customers were seeking as well as an overhaul of the backend. Being a bank, handling sensitive customer information means some serious security and requiring a platform that is secure and scalable.

The Solution:

INHOUSE was called into action by our agency partners, Full Contact Advertising, to not only implement the new designs, but also provide recommendations for a new language and platform for the site. This meant a complete rebuild from the ground up.

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The Challenge:

WinterWyman is one of the Northeast’s top talent recruitment firms, managing thousands of job seekers and job opportunities on a daily basis. WinterWyman tasked INHOUSE with the ongoing support of one of their most important tools – the job search website.

The Solution:

INHOUSE has taken what was a clunky, cumbersome job search website and turned it into a well-organized machine. Most recently, we separated the job search into 3 distinct areas on the homepage, allowing users to quickly find the search that applies to them. This included the creation of an Executive Search sub-site, allowing the Executive Search team to showcase their most successfully searches in a unique way, separate from the job search website.

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  • We have worked with INHOUSE for several years, and have found them to be consistently responsive, professional and accommodating. INHOUSE has made us look good at every turn by providing immediate responses and quick turnarounds for our clients, and by providing excellent advice that always takes into account the client's goals, budget and needs. If you are looking for a (again - whichever term you want) development team that is extremely knowledgeable, flexible, professional, responsive and just plain nice, we cannot recommend INHOUSE highly enough.

    -- Lisa Healy

  • Our experience working with INHOUSE Worldwide has been phenomenal. Both from the original design and development of our site to the infinite amount of changes and additions we've made since launch. They are true partners in every sense of the word - exceedingly responsive, resourceful and communicative, and always looking for ways to improve our site or find work-arounds for the quirkiness of our platform. And, they're super smart professionals who know their stuff are fun to work with!

    -- Elizabeth Spayne, WinterWyman

  • The InHouse team helped us immensely to revamp and expand our website as our business was growing quickly. They were an extremely supportive team during the creative process, as well as continuing to support and promote us after the design was completed! They have a great staff and amazing leadership that are easy to communicate with, as well as being a pleasure to work alongside.

    -- KC Cargill Owner of Lexie's, PEACE LOVE BURGERS

  • INHOUSE has provided us with prompt and efficient service and is always eager to help.  I appreciate the service we have received from INHOUSE and would recommend them to my friends and colleagues.  

    -- Tanya Gahara, Isles of Shoals Steamship Co.

  • INHOUSE is a great partner. From the initial requirements gathering through QA and delivery, they are proactive, great at communicating and deliver great solutions that meet the customer’s needs.


  • We’ve worked with INHOUSE for several years now and they’ve been a great partner from the beginning. They’re extremely responsive to our needs and their attention to detail is much appreciated. No matter the size of our request, the INHOUSE team jumps at the opportunity to help and they never fail to deliver!

    -- Jesse Erhartic, D'Angelo

  • Working with the InHouse team has been a great experience! They are professional, forward-thinking, and always friendly. InHouse went beyond the scope of the project to effectively and efficiently provide us with the best product possible.

    -- Emily Federico, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Viewpoint Creative


There's a reason we're called INHOUSE.

If you’re an agency, running an in-house dev team can be a challenge. And hiring a team overseas? That’s an even bigger challenge. That’s where we come in. We partner with 20+ agencies across the U.S. to turn big ideas and beautiful designs into flawless, functional reality. By partnering with us, agencies like yours get all the benefits of a highly skilled in-house team without the cost or limitations of actually having to invest in one. For less than the cost of hiring a few individuals, you get a scalable, specialized, and experienced development team with a variety of skill sets. We’re always ready to hit the ground running. And you can be confident in the quality and efficiency of our work, thanks to our experience with agency processes and our dedication to staying current on the latest digital trends and technologies.


The best part? It goes both ways. We rely on our agency partners for everything we can’t do ourselves. Because you don’t have to be good at everything. You just need to know who to bring in-house.


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